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RAUH-Welt Begriff “Tiffany”

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Back in May 2014, Nakai-san and Toshi-san came to Hong Kong for the first time to establish RAUH-Welt Begriff Hong Kong division.

The first car that would undergo the RWB treatment would be our very own mint green Porsche 911 Carrera 2. This car was completely stripped inside out and the motor was completely rebuilt in preparation for RWB’s arrival.

When the car was first worked on by Nakai-san, it was all but a painted bare shell with no interior or engine. During this time, he was able to cut all the old fenders and fit the new wide body fenders. The Arigosta Coilover suspension was also installed.

Fast forward 4 months later, Nakai-san had a 24-hour layover in Hong Kong where he would be able to finish the car. Besides being tight on time, on this day, Hong Kong was in the middle of a Category 8 typhoon with treacherous rain and tree falling winds.

Fortunately by this time the car was almost complete. The engine was completely rebuilt and installed with new headers and exhaust. The full interior, roll cage and electrical work was completed as well.

In this one day window, Nakai-san was able to complete the car, installing the rear wing, all wire mesh and signature RAUH-Welt Begriff decals.

RWB Hong Kong and Brixton Forged wheels came up with a set of amazing one-off brushed rose gold lip/black center wheels that was based off a variant of their existing CM16  design. These wheels measure 18×10.5 up front and 18×13 in the rear. The engineers at Brixton were able to come up with custom offsets that give this car the perfect stance with the RWB fenders. Nakai-san was able to achieve his perfect stance on these wheels without the use of any spacers.

After some final adjustment with the fenders and suspension height, we were able to take the car out for its first test run.

Aside from the car stalling once due to a loose battery terminal, the test drive went well. Nakai-san made some final roadside alignment adjustments and the car was complete. RWB “Tiffany” #1 Hong Kong was ready.

Full picture gallery and video of the complete production will be posted soon! Stay tuned!